Live Video Party - How To Use

Live Video Party - Schedule a Party

Scheduling your party is easy. Provide the information requested below, and your friends, family and you friends will partying in no time.

  1. Enter a Title for the Party.
  2. Provide a description of what the party/event is all about. Be as precise as possible, as these fields will be used as search terms.
  3. Using the drop down arrow, select a Party Category.
  4. After selecting the party category, you will be able to use the drop down arrow to select a subcategory.
  5. If you party is online only, check the “Online Only” box.
  6. To upload a photo, click the "Choose File" button.
  7. Your uploaded photos will be displayed here.
  8. Enter the email address of each person you would like to invite to the party.
  9. When you’re completed adding email addresses, click the “Add” button.
  10. You can also select invitees from your contact list by "Clicking Here".
  11. You invitees will appear here.
  12. Check the box to make your Party Private or Public.
  13. Enter the date you would like the invitation emails to be sent.
  14. Enter the date of the party.
  15. Enter the time of the party.
  16. When you’ve completed filling out the form for your party, click on the “Schedule Party” button.