• If you're a good talker and can line up interesting guests, Start a Talk Show. If you are a D.J. or radio personality wanna be, you can Interact Live so your listeners can become viewers to See and Talk with you!
  • Your entire Family can Start a Party. Mom can do a Cooking Show. Dad can do a Home Improvement Show. The Kids can do a Pet Show about pet care and training. Of course you must have some expertise and be able to demo and instruct, otherwise you won't gain many viewers. Family Reunions are Fun and you can Make it Private. There's also Bridal and Baby Showers. Everyone has a reason to party.
  • Maybe you're into Sports - Start a Sports Clinic if you're a Fitness Instructor or Coach.
  • Everyone has a Hobby. Millions of people are looking for Hobby information, fun and excitement!
  • Use our program for instructional training and educational use, such as Tutoring or Remote Testing.
  • The Medical Field needs this program. If you're a Physician, you can make house calls and hospital visites, Day Care, Elder Care, even Emergency Help can use it for monitoring. It's great for Support Groups in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling.
  • Religious Leaders who want to expand their message can reach the masses.
  • Party Ideas and Uses for program are numerous. Perhaps the Best Part of Live Video Party is that parties can be designated by the creator as being totally private or public. In addition, Party Guests can communicate privately in a 1 to 1 converstion, and still be able to see the action, but no one else will be able to see them.
  • Play a short Dance Song to get party goers up and dancing. You can ask someone to dance and both of you can see each other dancing. Suggest a dance song.
  • You can serve drinks too, but you have to BYOB. You can pour you up a drink and slide it across the bar - just out of camera site.
  • It's possible to set up your Party to look like a Bar. As the Party Host, you can be the Bar Tender. Of course, put out a Tip Jar. Just Kiddin!
  • Do you want to be a Free Casino? You can even play Bingo; just send the guest a Bingo card and you can call the numbers. Have a sponsor give out a prize. Sorry, you can't receive money or can you?
  • We're all about having good clean fun. We don't tolerate profanity, nudity and illegal behavior in the party.
  • What else, well if you can conceive it, all it takes is a web camera and mic. The program is Free.

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